Community Gardens


No land, no problem.

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Montgomery County, Maryland, offers its residents the opportunity to garden a small plot of public park land, but registration started February 5th and many sections have already filled up. Community gardening is a great way to get some exercise while getting back in touch with nature (and end up with some tasty veggies to boot).

Montgomery Park’s community garden program began in 2008 and has since grown into 11 locations boasting nearly 500 plots shared by over 600 gardeners. As demand has grown, so has the program, but some locations consistently work with a waiting list to participate.

Read more about the program, locate one near you, and sign up here.

There are over one million people in Montgomery County, Maryland. A county known for its wealth as a hub for business and science, it has experienced vast growth and seen its suburban neighborhoods rapidly turned into urban centers. This type of growth and density creates its own problems around coexisting so closely together and open land becomes an expensive commodity.

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A community garden is about more than growing flowers and vegetables, it is about establishing and maintaining connections to our neighbors and our public spaces. The primal activity of plant cultivation and food production gets lost in the modern world, especially in larger urban centers where the need of convenience and instant satisfaction stands at odds to the concepts of patience and dedication demanded by gardening. The lack of open and available outdoor space in dense communities serves to feed that sense of separation from our agricultural roots. Even with a concentrated effort by many, we have entire generations of people alive today that have no clear concept of where their food comes from or that they possess the ability to cultivate and care for something that will bring great joy and nourishment, not just to the body, but to the soul as well.

So don’t let a lack of space stop you from getting your hands in the dirt. Sign up with the Montgomery Parks gardening program and get to growing!