Clean up your gardening workspace because the busy season is here.

The best stories start with a scarcity; rags to riches, famine to feast, meek to miraculous. A basic interesting idea that, through time, is built upon layer by layer until you end with a fully realized lush and dynamic story. This is April’s motif, the ultimate theatrical resurrection drama.

Bare branches and bony thickets start to thicken with new leaves and buds. Forsythia, magnolia, and cherry trees are the first strokes of color in the grey canvas of tree lined yards, parks, and roadsides. Barren patches become newly crowned with glorious daffodils and crocus. The camellia is us all, bursting with life after a long winter. If this natural symphonic revival is the music of spring, then gardening and all it’s parts and pieces is the dance. I hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on, because it’s time to boogie!

Where to start filling up those extra hours of the day? The University of Maryland Extension Office has a wonderful web page full of monthly gardening tips. Check it out here.